Today, January 21, is celebrated International Hug Day. For Senlima, Brakumo day.

In the 1980s, Kevin Zaborney, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, analyzed the recurring stress in most people, concluding that if they received more hugs, their mental, emotional and physical health would improve significantly. For this reason, it decided to promote January 21 as International Hug Day, with the aim of encouraging hugs for our loved ones.

In the current context, according to a study published by the Lancet magazine, it is estimated that cases of major depression have increased by 53 million due to the pandemic, with young people and women being the most affected groups.

Therefore, for all the benefits that hugs bring us, today at Senlima we want to celebrate this day, to remind you that we are all strengthened with a big hug. Have you already hugged a family member, friend, or why not, someone for the first time today?

At Senlima we love this gesture of affection and universal support, which is why we decided to call our first winter collection that: Brakumo (hug in Esperanto).

For us, your support is the hug we need to move forward with the inclusive project that is Senlima. Therefore, as a token of gratitude for all the support received since our launch, today and today only you will have a 10% discount on purchases made through our website, using the code BRAKUMODAY10 .


Whether you are one of those who looks for any excuse to hug or not, we are sure that you love a good hug. So, this day is for you?

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