The job search in vain is just one example of how difficult this year has been for many. But no matter how many doors are closed, that is never enough reason to stop fighting.

We all have days when we feel frustrated and tired, when we think we have no energy left to keep trying. But at that moment, more than ever, is when we must remember why we decided to embark on that path since that reason will surely be stronger than the desire to give up.

For this reason, Senlima's new spot, the result of a collaboration with SAE Barcelona, ​​aims to continue inspiring you to fight for your dreams and #nevergiveup. Below you can see the full video:

For us, your support is the hug from Sara's brother that drives us to continue fighting for a more inclusive world, and we hope that feeling is reciprocal.

Because whenever you think you can't take it anymore. We assure you that you will be able to do more. Much more!


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