As you know, Jordi (@jordi_sala_biker) is our youngest ambassador. At only 8 years old, he was already proclaimed champion of Catalonia in BTT and Biketrial in 2020, and champion of Spain in UCI Trial!

This all-rounder doesn't know what it means to stay in his comfort zone. Instead of focusing on a single discipline, he seeks to master everything that surrounds a bicycle, and even begins to make his first steps in the world of motorcycles! He loves challenges so he does not hesitate to improve himself day by day, demonstrating his limitless mentality.

Join us to enjoy the spectacle of being able to see him riding a bicycle next Monday, August 2 at La Santa Market, at 8 p.m. in front of the Senlima stand, next to the central Moritz bar!

Would you dare to let Jordi jump over you?

Additionally, at the end of the show, Jordi will be signing autographs and handing out his stickers. If you want a limited edition of Senlima products, signed by Jordi, this is your chance!

We wait for you!

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