Crossfit Gray Fox is a Crossfit box in Barberà del Vallés, Barcelona. Their motivation to constantly test their community by fostering a Senlima spirit has led them to create an internal competition in which they propose a series of monthly challenges in which the entire box can participate. In addition, by participating in these challenges, athletes add points for an annual classification, in which the winners' prizes are even more interesting!

At Senlima we support any initiative that promotes values ​​of improvement that inspire us to improve day by day, which is why we are proud to announce our recent alliance with Crossfit Gray Fox. As collaborators, we will be offering prizes to both the winners of the monthly and annual challenges. . Furthermore, in our launch month we will propose a very special SENLIMA challenge in which the best will win some of our products.

Get ready, because there are many events coming up with our friends at Crossfit Gray Fox!


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