We present you our first video. A tribute to Senlima people, those who have no limits or to whom nothing and no one prevents them from surpassing them.

The protagonist is an innocent girl who, as a consequence of her young age, is not yet aware of the barriers that we little by little put on ourselves, as we become adults. This is reflected when she does not hesitate or get scared when discovering and wanting to try something new for her, wakeboarding. Her father, on the other hand, a victim of the prejudices and stigmas of the adult mind, in a mistaken attempt to protect her, limits her in her illusions by deducing that due to her condition she will never be able to live that experience. This dilemma between the girl's limitless mentality and the barriers imposed by her father's comment triggers a revelation in which the girl visualizes examples of people who are “like her”, people without limits who break stereotypes without caring about their context of life. age, gender, physical condition, etc.

Among these people are:

-Jordi Sala: At only 8 years old, Jordi is capable of doing incredible things. Trial, BMX, set the challenge and Jordi with his bike does it!

-Francis Guillén: His incredible flexibility, strength and endurance lead Francis to climb any obstacle he sets his mind to. In addition to being Spanish champion in 2018, she has climbed up to 8b in the sport climbing discipline!

-Max Heidenfelder and Margo Weber. This couple, in addition to sharing their life at ground level, do not hesitate to defy gravity together.

-Mari Carmen Paredes. When at almost 50 years old she began to lose her vision, that was not enough reason to throw in the towel, but she decided to turn her life around to, together with her husband and guide, make history by winning the marathon World Cup. and participate in the Rio'16 Paralympic Games.

-Telma Cester. At only 11 years old, he dared to compete internationally in the senior wakeskate category, as well as in the under-19 category, and amazed the entire world. Since then, he has not stopped competing at the highest world level in this sport.

-Marc Brull. Inspired by the teachings of his grandfather, who was his personal trainer during his sports career, he reached the top of his discipline, winning a butterfly medal at the 2011 Athens Special Olympics.

-Xabier Osa. Thanks to his mettle and perseverance, his physical condition has never limited him to achieve all his goals, becoming a world leader in Crossfit.

-Ivan Peydro. After competing at a world level in trials, his greatest motivation is to continue breaking his own limits, enjoying hard enduro without the pressure of competing, but without ceasing to impress us every time he gets on a motorcycle.

This girl seeing herself among that group of Senlima people symbolizes the idea that we are all capable of always going further and improving ourselves regardless of our context. The limits are not in the particular conditions of each one, but in our mind, so #YOUSETTHELIMITS. You set the limits.


This is the result of the support of many Senlima people who do not necessarily appear in the video. Thanks to Àlex Nadal, Francisco Sanjurjo, JotaG, Enric Boada, Belén, Olimpic Cable Park, Crossfit Gray Fox, AFANIP Association, L'Hospitalet Atletisme, Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation and Calzados Diaz Lopez for your grain of sand in this project that is to create a SENLIMA world, a world without limits.

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