Handcrafted by people with intellectual disabilities in Barcelona, ​​the 3.21 sandals are the perfect combination of social impact, comfort and style.

Designed with a strap tied to the ankle and cutting-edge materials derived from sports such as climbing and canyoning, they offer unmatched anti-slip properties.

They are more than fashion; They are a symbol of inclusion, innovation and adaptability for everyone, including people with reduced mobility in the lower extremities.


    Our exclusive one-piece grip strap, ergonomic and flexible, provides a firm fit throughout the foot, including the ankle, providing stability in the step and minimizing the risk of chafing.


    The sole has the innovative Aquagrip® technology, composed mainly of natural rubber and nitrile, resulting in a material with ultra-slip properties with durability and resistance that are unique on the market.


    The Comfortgrip® material insole was designed to guarantee maximum comfort by reducing the biomechanical impact when walking. Unlike the plastic materials usually used in this type of footwear, we work with natural rubber, which guarantees more durable and resistant products. In addition, this material minimizes fatigue when walking thanks to the lightness provided by having EVA in its composition.


    Due to the composition of the material used in the sole, it has significantly higher levels of compression tolerance and recovery than the materials typically used in this type of footwear, thus avoiding deformations in the sole that could compromise correct footing.


    The anatomical design with a small progressive heel of the sole prevents a flat footprint that could be uncomfortable and inappropriate.


    The "elephant skin" type plantar texture facilitates foot perspiration, preventing slipping due to sweat or water. Additionally, the plant's channels allow for greater drainage.


    Its original fit together with the non-slip and biomechanical properties of the materials result in a cool shoe with optimal safety; even for people with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).


    The materials used and the support of the ends between the sole and the sole result in a sandal with superior durability.


    The 3.21 sandal can be worn comfortably by people with prostheses, reduced mobility in the lower extremities or in a wheelchair.

    This studied design opens new possibilities for this type of footwear, making it accessible to everyone.


    Design inspired by Down syndrome. The lines that cross the sole allude to the unique palmar fold present in people with this condition.

    The strips have a relief that simulates the DNA molecule, as well as metal decorations that symbolize the 3 chromosomes 21.

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