Sandal test


The materials used and the fixation of the ends of the strip between the sole and the sole they turn out in a sandal with superior durability.


Unique one-piece grip with ankle support that provides stability to the step and minimizes slippage. risk of chafing.


“Elephant skin” type plantar texture with channels that facilitates perspiration, preventing landslides due to sweat or water.


Plant with high levels of tolerance and recovery to compression, avoiding deformations that could compromising proper footing.


The original fit together with the non-slip and biomechanical properties of the materials used They result in fresh footwear with optimal safety.


Plant with anatomical design and progressive heel to avoid a flat footprint that could be uncomfortable and inadequate.


Sole with Aquagrip(R) technology composed of rubber and nitrile, resulting in a material ultra-non-slip with unique durability and resistance.


Insole with Comfortgrip(R) technology composed of natural rubber and EVA, designed to absorb the biomechanical impact and minimize fatigue when walking.

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