Senlima World


Born in Barcelona

Senlima was born in Barcelona, ​​with the purpose of inspiring those who seek to make a difference, combining an exciting outdoor lifestyle with a strong social commitment.

We love the different

We believe that the lack of information is mainly responsible for stigmatization, which is why our products aim to educate and give visibility to realities in our environment with still strong social prejudices.

Our focus

We focus on creating original products of the best quality, with patented materials of the latest technology and with the participation, in the design and in the production chain, of people who, despite being at risk of social exclusion or having some type of disability intellectual, or as we prefer to call it “functional diversity”, they are determined to show their incredible value, potential and determination to create goods with the excellent quality that represents us.

We are disruptive people

More than selling fashion, we seek to change mentalities and educate society about the importance of breaking barriers, normalizing what is different and providing more opportunities for progress to all those who wish to have them without feeling limited by their particular condition.


The Senlima palm tree (without limits, in Esperanto) aims to evoke an association between the paradisiacal, fun and an outdoor lifestyle, anchored to our 8 main values ​​represented by its 8 branches, connected and supported by the trunk that symbolizes the backbone of our philosophy: to be a brand with purpose that helps build a better and more inclusive world.

Are you ready to open your mind?

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