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What do we do?

Inspired by our commitment to breaking with what is established and normalizing what is different, our mission is to create unique and excellent quality items that allow us to live fully, while building a better, kinder and fairer world.

We believe that the so-called “disability” is, in most cases, an imaginary barrier that we have not yet overcome as a society, but we are convinced that by showing what we are capable of doing at Senlima, we can help change the world.

How do we do it?

Our products are manufactured by involving people at risk of social exclusion or with some type of functional diversity in the design and production chain, placing special emphasis on intellectual disabilities since they are the ones who experience the greatest difficulties when it comes to finding employment in the actual society.

These people have demonstrated that the value and quality of their work is identical to that of anyone else. They have taught us that they can and know how to reinvent themselves and overcome the obstacles that life put in their paths. In fact, their situation is usually the result of society's inability to take into account their context to create ecosystems in which they can develop their capabilities 100%. Did not having wings make humans incapable of flying?

Do you join the change?

We grew up and live in a world full of injustices and frivolities that have made us understand that we must strive to generate positive change , one that takes into account ecological damage, the stigmatization of some minorities, where justice and true opportunities for all prevail. . Luckily, it is a fact that new generations aim to consume responsibly and look for brands with a purpose that, in addition to having a human face, also demonstrate having a heart and being aware of what surrounds them.

However, the changes do not come alone. They need drive, commitment, alliances and perseverance from those who want them. There is relatively little we can achieve alone, which is why we call for empathy, for awareness, to seek means and alliances that allow us to break down barriers, stigmas and take control of what will be the world that we all dream of.

We are determined to break the stigma of disability , normalize that there are people with different abilities who, like everyone, are better at one activity than another without it limiting them in their dreams, in their goals, much less in the potential that with great vocation they develop and show us daily. Let us all live in a world without limits, a SENLIMA world.


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